Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hardest decision to make

I've been doing my placement at a local radio station back home (Delta FM) and since going back there my mind has been all over the place.
The more I work there, the more I know i want to work in local radio and i'm learning lots more from 'hands-on' experience.
Since my first week back, I have been dreading ending my placement as I've enjoyed myself so much & can seen me working in local radio in the future.
On Friday I finally plucked up the courage to speak to my bosses & I have asked if I can do a year’s placement with them, so I can learn a lot more in every department of the station. And so i would defer my last year of my degree.
Loads of people have told me recently that in radio, experience is much more valuable than a degree, and i want to take the chance to learn about what exactly i want to do while i have the chance.
I've asked my tutor about taking a years placement, and hopefully she'll say i can. Although i'm going to miss everyone from B.mouth & all my old and new housemates.

Its been a really bad last month for me, because i havent been able to sleep as my mind has been churning....thinking about what I should do.

Hopefully, everyone in Bournemouth will still want to see me & still be friends....coz i would hate to lose you all! I'd still love to see you all & keep in touch....if you'll put up with me!!

I've had to be really selfish and do what i think is right for me at this moment in time.
Anyway, if anyone gets bored over the summer & wants to meet up one know where i am!! :)

Sorry for saying this out of the blue xx

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do you shop online?

For anyone who doesn't know, I've been working for Hospital Radio Bedside (Bournemouth)
on Saturdays for the last few months. I am considering working in radio in the future - if anyone would have me!! So, thought i'd get some more experience, whilst cheering up all the people in hospital and working with lovely people!

In order to keep cheering people up in hospital by playing songs requested by their friends/ family/themselves, the charity is constantly looking for funding....but its not just about getting a cheque book out, it can be much easier than that & sometimes, you dont have to spend any exra money!!

Do you shop online?
If you do, you could be paying the SAME price for your items, yet a % of the sale could be going to HRB.
There are Loads of shops taking part in this, including Amazon/ Wow/La Senza plus Loads More!!

All you have to do is go to
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red 'Buy At' Tag sign
Select the A-Z list to see all the shops taking part
Select your choice of shop & start shopping!!! Easy as that!!

So next time your shopping online, check to see if you could be making money for us too!

Monday, July 03, 2006


You may be thinking, has Emma bagged herself a fella and headed off on a romantic trip round Venice with him?
Well, sorry to disappoint - the answer's no! (though there were some very nice Italians out there...a mixture of tanned guys & Italian lingo....very nice!)
I went with my Mum for a week, as our holiday for the summer and was a nice time to celebrate surviving through the second year of my degree (subject to exam results as to whether that will be repeated!).

So, how can I describe Venice to you in words?
It's been named as one of the most beautiful cities in the world - and i'd definitely have to agree!

Our reliance on roads & cars is the same to theirs with boats to get around the island along the Grand Canal and water alleyways. This results in a relaxing lifestyle, travelling along the water & enjoying the views of the historical buildings/churches and of the nearby islands. I'm not that clued up on history, in fact at school, anything I was taught went in one ear and out of the other!

Though it was quite amazing thinking that hundreds or thousands of years ago, that the core of the city's architecture and way of life was almost the same.

We didnt go on a gondola, which is considered by many tourists, as something you have 'got' to do when you are there. Priced at more than £60 for a 50 minute trip around the Grand Canal, in a long line of other tourists in gondolas didnt really appeal to us.
In fact, we probably experienced more on the 'vaparetto' (water bus) than we would on a gondola, and there are quite a few unofficial gondoliers trying to prey on innocent tourists for their money.

We spent a day travelling and looking round the tiny nearby islands off Venice, including Murona (famous for its glass) and I was shocked to discover that quite a few of the shops there try to sell glass from China!! So, if your ever planning on going there, wise up on what is and isnt genuinely local items!
There is also a cemetery island, which consists of just that....a cemetery! This is dedicated to only Venetians, who have unfortunately died, and it was lovely to see all the gravestones decorated with flowers to bring colour & life to the island.

The main area of Venice, St Marks Square, reminded me of a smaller version of London, with hundreds of annoying pigeons feeding out of the hands of tourists and food places serving 'tourist' takeaway food like pizzas.
Mum and I took a city guide book with us, with loads of helpful information on the city and all the places we went for an evening meal were from that book (we were surprised to find that pizza was not served in any of the restaurants we went fact it is only properly served for the tourists at takeout places). The food was amazing, especially the different types of exotic fish available, and if you can find a gelaterie that makes their own ice cream, you'll be surprised by all the interesting and mouth-watering flavours!

It was quite easy for me not to spend much money in the shops, as they are either oriented on tourist items, which can be quite tacky or with very very expensive designer labels
One thing that was funny to watch, was in the main area of St Marks, you'd find many people trying to sell fake sunglasses or bags, and as soon as they heard someone shout police they would quickly bundle all of their stuff into a sheet and run off....many times that meant leaving a potential customer standing looking very shocked!!

If you move away from all the main tourist areas, you will find a relaxed way of life, amazing views, and a city exploding with history and culture.

The only sad part of Venice is knowing that in a few years time, it will all have disappeared as a result of ever-increasing water levels (a result of global warming!), so if you ever want to visit this idyllic place, then do it soon, before it all sinks!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dont worry...i havent fallen off the planet!

Sorry to anyone who may have looked at my blog over last few days/weeks/months.....there's been an empty blank space!!

Chindhu, glad to see your still 'interested' in my blog, shame there's been nothing to read!!

Just come back from holiday for a week very early this morning to Venice, bid in a daze at the moment from lack of sleep!

I will spill all the beans on whats been happening recently tomorrow!

But finally....whats this I hear about no more World Cup for us!! Unlucky for all those people who have to take down their car flags...they've been up for so long, im surprised the world cup didnt start months and months ago lol :)

The Media will just have to wait 4 more years to hype up our team!!

More tomorrow...........need sleep!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just come back from an amazing break in Dublin - nice to get away from things!
We managed to fit so much in during our two full days - from visiting the Guinness factory (you cant not go! and i even tried some G, though i'm still not converted lol); went round St Pauls Cathedral; National Gallery; a city bus tour and the list goes shopping!

Our flight was 20p each from Bmouth plus taxes (about £25 return) and no, the plane didn't crash and was on time - so i'm definitely gonna keep my eyes open when Ive got more money to go on last minute break or weekend - so if you fancy it too sometime you can come with me! lol

Now, I'm back and ready to start my uni work!
Really looking forward now to the summer & relaxing by the beack with no worries!

Anyway, sorry its a boring post - will be off and on over Easter hols because internet doesn't work at home.

Friday, March 17, 2006

An insight into my brain

These recent thoughts have been from the wonderful stress of deadlines & uni work!

1) Should I take a year long work placement?
2) What am I doing?
3) Did the uni accidentally accept me on the course, mistaking me for another Emma, with the same surname?!
4) Why can't I stop the clock...for a week/a day/or even an hour?
5) When will all the work/deadlines end....when will we see the light!!
6) Tried to think of the bigger picture - it all helps towards my future job!
7) What is my future job!?
8) Why have i at the last minute decided to change my idea on dissertation proposal, 5 hours before the deadline!
9) Will my bank balance ever be in CR?
10) Why am I being so negative and pessimistic?
11) Why is it empty in here? Hellooo?! :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Forget keeping up with the latest clothes fashion..!

If you thought keeping up with the latest clothes fashions was complicated, hard to keep up with or damned expensive...think again...the latest thing to go in and out fashion every week is weight & diets!

Celeb mags will one week side with celebs who are 'proud of their curves' e.g. Charlotte Church; then the next week show weight loss pictures of a celeb altering from a curvy pear through to a bony twiglet and even promoting their choice of diet/exercise regime; oh and then the next week they may decide to publish that the 'happy, curvy people' featured earlier, actually consider themselves to be 'fat' - inconsistent or what!?

Can they just not make their minds up - one day they're slating people who still have remains of baby weight about a week after giving birth (e.g. B.Spears - what do they expect to happen, it all to disappear in a day!?) and the next they're highlighting how someone has lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short space of time.

No wonder there is an increase in young teenagers going through eating disorders - its because the media is messing with their brains! 'Gossip' mags are renowned for making fun of celebs who have a curvy figure, picturing them actually eating (huh...what is the world coming too!), or gasping at their skin & bone structure.

I know celebs are in the limelight a lot so want to look good - but wouldn't it just be better for society, if the media, instead of promoting celebs on the cabbage soup diet/Atkins diet/F diet or was it a G diet....that they promote one simple thing....celebs just being HAPPY!

For a start, it doesn't cost the public £ to copy (you don't need to buy a book/dvd) and it doesn't affect reader's health/eating patterns, in fact they will actually benefit from it if they try it out too, it's not hard to bring a smile to your face, and yeah, the public may have insecuities, but you know what, everyone should be happy to be alive and appreciate life, friends & family.

So, the people at heat, star, or whatever other mags out there....I challenge promote celebs who are happy and enjoy life!! So what, they may have a few excess pounds here & there or need to add on a bit of meat to their bodies, but if they're happy & healthy inside - does it really matter?!